Get £20 to spend at the Baby Bank Network shop in Sparks (the old M&S, 78 Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 3DS. Between Primark and Broadmead in the city). Visit https://sparksbristol.co.uk/ for opening hours.

You will receive two codes, each for £10, to pass on to the family you are ordering for (you can email, text, write them down – whatever works for you and the family). They can choose any items from the Baby Bank Network shop, take them to the till, and have the value of the voucher knocked off the final price.

Families can use the vouchers at the same time (£20) or on two different occasions (£10 each time). We can’t give change unfortunately. Vouchers are for use by the family only and cannot be passed or sold on.

Items available include clothes (0-5 years), toys, books and maternity wear.

Families can still receive items through our referral service as usual.

You will receive the voucher approximately a week after you have requested it, to ensure that we have had time to set the code up at Sparks.


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